What will a socialist councillor do differently?

When was the last time you met your local councillor at the local shops? In fact, do you seem to just hear from them when there’s a problem or when they are seeking re-election?

This is a key difference with socialist councillors and what you may have experienced in the past. A socialist councillor is active in their local community – ready to advocate for the residents that elected them to council in the first place. A socialist councillor will stand up for the people who have for too long been ignored or have felt that local councillors don’t really care about the issues affecting them.

A socialist councillor won’t just listen to big business and those with money and time to influence politics at many levels. A socialist councillor will be down at your local shops each weekend to listen to your concerns – and then to act upon them.

A socialist councillor will put the people first – just as promised they will put people before profit.

A socialist councillor will ensure that every resident can enjoy all that a city has to offer – services, transport and community facilities no matter what their age, ability, background or income.

A socialist councillor is active across a range of issues and believes that local councils can be advocates for change and understanding even in areas that may not be in traditional council managed areas. A socialist councillor stands up for oppressed people everywhere – in other cities and towns in Australia and across the world.

A socialist councillor stands up for what matters and believes that city should be, first and foremost, there to serve the people who live and work there.