Socialist Alliance

SA logo red flag etcThe Socialist Alliance is an anti-capitalist, activist party. We contest elections for all levels of government, but unlike other parties we don’t see parliament as the main vehicle for social change. Election campaigns for us are part of our year-round work campaigning in workplaces and communities.

We help to build movements capable of bringing about the change we need: change that benefits ordinary people and the environment, and that can lead to a democratic, socialist society, run by and for working people.

We’re committed to helping build a political alternative that puts people and planet before profit. Our future depends on it.

The Socialist Alliance candidates who contest elections are not professional politicians. They are socialist activists who fight for justice, democracy, peace and environmental sustainability.

Moreland Socialists

Because of the great interest and support for Sue’s council win, we have set up a broad group, Moreland Socialists. This group is open to anyone (even if you live outside the area) who wants to work constructively to support Sue and use her position to build up a stronger activist left presence in Moreland. In general, we meet monthly and alternate between Coburg and Fawkner.

Get in touch

Phone: 9639 8622 or 0413 377 978
Office: Resistance Centre, Level 5, 407 Swanston St, Melbourne
Post: PO Box 12427, A’Beckett St VIC 8006