Don Dale atrocity shows we must reject the major parties’ law and order’ agenda

[By Sue Bolton] There is ample evidence of the criminality of the prison officers, their bosses and the Northern Territory government ministers for charges to be laid over the horror inflicted on Aboriginal kids in custody at the Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre. It’s not just a question of proper “training”and “processes” for the prison guards. The horror we saw in the ABC’s Four Corner‘s program on July 25 is the outcome of the law and order agenda of “lock em’ up and throw away the key”. Continue reading

Youth unemployment in Moreland

Youth unemployment is high in Moreland, as it is around Australia. It is important that our council, along with residents and unions within Moreland, recognise that while this situation continues, our future skill base is being steadily eroded. A new generation of young people is losing their chance for a decent start in life. Our council should work to eliminate this situation. Continue reading