Moreland Council votes for CCTV despite opposition

big-brother[By Chris Slee] At its June 12 meeting, Moreland Council voted to accept a state government offer of funding to install CCTV cameras along Sydney Road. The offer was made following the rape and murder of Brunswick resident Jill Meagher in a side street near Sydney Road last year. Interest was high with 30-40 people in the gallery, most obviously opposed to the decision. Continue reading

Community safety forum discusses CCTV

[By Chris Slee] About 50 people attended a community safety forum organized by Moreland Council on April 24. The proposal for the installation of closed circuit TV on Moreland streets was controversial.  It was strongly advocated by Moreland mayor Oscar Yildiz (ALP), and supported by federal Labor MP Kelvin Thomson and state ALP MP Jane Garrett. Continue reading

Moreland Council votes for CCTV cameras

Camera[By Kerry Smith] “CCTV cameras may document crime but do not prevent it. The Moreland municipality has the second-highest rate of family violence in Victoria. Most violent crime in Moreland is family violence. This means that there is an epidemic of family violence in Moreland,” said the Socialist Alliance’s Moreland councillor Sue Bolton. Continue reading