Elder Care a Burning Issue for Local Councils

[By Susan Price] Out door-knocking for Sue Bolton in Moreland during the local council elections, we came across a dilapidated block of flats in an otherwise gentrified part of Brunswick. One of the last doors in the block was answered by an elderly man still in his pyjamas, breathless and clearly in distress. All he could manage to say was, “Can you please call someone?” I took one look at him and said, “Are you ill? Would you like us to call an ambulance?” He nodded. Continue reading

Report on May Council Meeting

[By Sue Bolton] In question time, Merlynston residents expressed their strong disappointment that the council had rejected funding the restoration of the Merlynston Progress Hall in the draft council budget. One resident said that when the campaign began, she was wanting access to the hall for a playgroup. Now, her children are in high school and the community still does not have access to the hall. Continue reading

Threat to council-run aged care services

196-001[By Sue Bolton] One of the services which local councils in Victoria provide is Home and Community Care (HACC). Currently, it is funded jointly by federal and state governments with a top-up from local councils. This service is for people who are elderly or who have a disability or are recovering from an operation and it can include: personal care, cleaning, shopping, home maintenance and community transport. Continue reading