Morrison’s Hand-Out to Developers no Solution to Housing Affordability Crisis

housing[By Sue Bolton] The federal treasurer’s “solution” to the housing affordability crisis is to get state governments to relax restrictions on housing developers to increase supply. Scott Morrison told the industry’s peak body, the Urban Development Institute, on October 24 that “housing in Australia, especially in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, is expensive and increasingly unaffordable, but that does not mean it is overvalued.” How can you have more affordable housing and keep prices up at the same time? The answer is you can’t do both. Continue reading

Extend public housing to meet the crisis

[The following statement was released by Sean Brocklehurst, Socialist Alliance candidate for Pascoe Vale, and Sarah Hathway, Socialist Alliance candidate for Geelong, on November 8.]

Victoria has a housing crisis. According to the 2011 census, 22,773 Victorians were homeless at that time. Many more people are barely able to afford rent or mortgage repayments. Housing is a human right. But the ‘free market’ system of production for profit has failed to deliver housing at a reasonable price to all who need it. Continue reading