Community campaign launched against East-West Link

[By Tony Dewberry] On Thursday, December 28, 45 people gathered in Brunswick to launch a community campaign against the East-West Link.  The meeting was initiated by Socialist Alliance councillor Sue Bolton, who was also one of the speakers.  The other speakers were Nic Maclellan, from the Brunswick Residents Network, and Samantha Ratnam, Greens councillor on Moreland council. Continue reading

Council defers contentious issues to December meeting

[By Dave Holmes] The gallery was packed at the November 13 Moreland Council meeting. Some 100 residents crowded into the Glenroy Senior Citizens Centre determined to make their concerns felt over several contentious planning issues. First and foremost was Amendment C123 which, if passed, will turn parts of Coburg into a mini-CBD with 10- and 8-storey buildings permitted, irreparably changing the character of the area and sharply reducing people’s quality of life on a whole number of fronts (and removing residents’ right to appeal against proposed developments). Continue reading

Save Coburg campaign

savecoburgIn late January, I was approached by a resident from Lobb Street, Coburg to ask what I thought about the council’s plans for 10-storey buildings at the end of her street. I had read the plans over the Christmas break and wondered if residents knew about the plans for a very built-up central Coburg and whether residents wanted that. Continue reading