Sue’s preference policy in council elections

[By Sue Bolton] We believe that a key issue for the new council will be pressure to outsource and cut services. We asked all of the candidates about their attitude towards outsourcing. Socialist Alliance usually preferences the Greens before Labor, unless the Greens do something bad and we have followed that approach in this election with one exception.

In this election, we have preferenced the lead Greens candidate Natalie Aboud #2, then an ALP candidate (David Nunns) who is an Australian Services Union organiser and has a track record of community activism in the WorkChoices campaign and High School for Coburg then the other two Greens candidates and then the ALP left with the Liberal Party-aligned independent, Ali Irfanli at the bottom of the ticket.

Our reason for ordering the candidates in this way is because we hope that David Nunns will follow in the footsteps of some other ALP councillors from the union movement who have acted fairly independently of the ALP (Lita Gillies on this council and Steve Roach on a previous council) and that he is likely to be a reliable ally against cuts to council services and outsourcing.

In the current council, the Greens have been good on some issues, but they played a poor role on the issue of outsourcing of the Home & Community Care service and the axing of after-hours respite care for parents of children with disabilities. They also voted for the Liberal Party councillor for deputy mayor last year and joined in the attack on the Moreland says No to Racism rally. We think the Greens should be on council and we recognise that in our preferences, while also preferencing a candidate who is likely to be strongly against outsourcing and council cuts.