Sue’s Election Victory: A Massive Thank-You to Everyone

[By Sue Bolton] I would like to say a massive thank-you to everyone who helped out in my re-election campaign. The results came through from the Victorian Electoral Commission late on Friday night. I got 13.03% of the vote and was the second councillor elected to the North-East ward.

Candidates needed to reach 20% to be elected. While I received preferences from the Greens and a progressive independent, most other candidates preferenced me between #15 and #20. Yet many voters did not follow the how-to-vote cards. We have analysed the distribution report, and it seems that at least 9% of people preferenced me #2 or ahead of the other main candidates. This is in addition to preferences I received from those following the how-to-vote cards of the Greens and the progressive independent.

That is a massive endorsement, especially given the campaign to deface and rip down my posters around the central Coburg area.

Without the support of everyone in letterboxing, doorknocking, phone banking, putting up yard signs, donating, organising meetings and putting up posters, we would not have had success.

There were an extraordinary number of different community networks participating in the campaign.

The final make-up of the Moreland council election is: 4 Greens (Samantha Ratnam, Mark Riley, Dale Martin & Natalie Abboud). 3 ALP (Lambros Tapinos, Oscar Yildiz, Annalivia Carli-Hannan); 3 right-wing independents, including one with strong links to the Liberal Party (John Kavanagh, Helen Davidson and Ali Irfanli) and myself from Socialist Alliance.

This is a good result. Despite my differences with the Greens on occasion, it is good that the Greens have doubled their position on council and that the ALP doesn’t have a stranglehold on the council any more. I intend to continue backing residents and putting up progressive positions on council.

Other Progressive Candidate

In the Yarra council, socialist Steve Jolly won a 4th term, with 31% of the vote. Steve says that this will be the first Greens-Socialist majority council. Unless the Greens decide to enter an alliance with the ALP, there is a huge opportunity if the Greens decide to work with the socialists for radical changes on council. Steve intends to initiate a public discussion with the Greens on a common program.

Another left-wing activist, Jessica Harrison missed out on a spot on Bass Coast council. Jessica was one of the key organisers of the campaign against the desalination plant.

Help Socialist Alliance keep our state electoral registration

Socialist Alliance has to re-register in order to have our name on the ballot paper at the next state election. If you want to support our democratic right to have our name on the ballot paper, you might consider joining as a non-paying member to help us make up the numbers. Email Sue  if you would like to help us.

It’s also a good time to get involved in supporting progressive political change. If you want to find out more about Socialist Alliance, get in touch with Sue.

Thanks for your amazing support and solidarity. Now we need to use my second term on council to win more rights and improvements for working-class people in Moreland.