Helping Residents Fight for their Rights

Sue Bolton holds meetings with residents every month to hear concerns. She has helped many residents and community groups. Some example are:

  • Set up Save Coburg campaign to stop 10-storey buildings in Coburg
  • Saved Ballerrt Mooroop site with aim to create Indigenous community hub.
  • Won Council support for Treaty with Wurundjeri
  • Reinstated respite service for children with disabilities
  • Won council support for affordable housing
  • Campaigned for heat relief centres during extreme heat waves
  • Campaigned for Moreland to divest from fossil fuels
  • Won upgraded playground for Edward St, Fawkner
  • Won council support for Fawkner Community House’s Major Rd site
  • Helped save Merlynston Progress Hall
  • Helped save Moreland’s Bluestone lanes
  • Campaigned to save heritage and stop high rise towers on Pentridge site
  • Founded Moreland campaign against East West Link, and for better public transport
  • Opposed rate rises above inflation
  • Supported refugees and asylum seekers
  • Challenged racism and Islamophobia
  • Helped residents stop cuts to community bus for shopping trips for the elderly
  • Improved access to interpreters e.g. on planning matters
  • Won council support for public toilet near Fawkner Library
  • Helped Coburg North residents address traffic congestion and pedestrian safety

Authorised by Dave Holmes, Level 5, 407 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000.