Sue Bolton for Moreland NE Ward: Election Platform 2016

Sue Bolton is seeking re-election to Moreland Council NE Ward in the October 2016 election. Click here for examples of what Sue has achieved since 2012.

Here is Sue’s election platform for 2016.
Sue Bolton

Community need not developer greed.

  • Mandatory limits on building heights
  • Return residents’ right to object to building heights
  • Protect Pentridge heritage and stop high-rise towers on the Pentridge site
  • More open and green space
  • Allocate budget funds for disability access improvements
  • Provide facilities to assist homeless people

Improved amenity for residents.

  • More public toilets at Coburg shops and in parks
  • Improved and safer cycling paths. Extend Upfield bike path north of Fawkner cemetery; Improve east-west cycling links
  • Increase youth facilities in the north
  • Support residents’ campaigns for traffic calming and safer streets for pedestrians

Make Moreland a leader in environmental sustainability.

  • Join communities rapidly moving to zero local emissions
  • Improve community resilience to water shortages by improving water use efficiency and capturing stormwater
  • Protect vulnerable residents from heat waves through supporting building insulation programs and urban cooling with vegetation and street tree canopies
  • Provide monitoring services and heat relief centres for vulnerable residents during heatwaves

 A campaigning council.

  • Campaign for improvements to public transport: more Upfield trains; more trams; extend bus services and increase operating hours, esp. Newlands and Fawkner buses
  • Campaign for more public housing to improve housing affordability
  • Stand up for refugees, and against racism and Islamophobia

For a democratic council.

  • Monthly residents meetings to raise issues
  • No confidential council briefings – council must be open and accountable
  • Referendums on any issue if 10% of Moreland residents request

Council that helps with cost of living pressures.

  • No rise in rates or fees for basic council services above inflation 
  • Campaign for state and federal government to stop cost-shifting and fully fund community services provided by local government based on community need
  • End privatisation and outsourcing; bring council services such as rubbish collection back into council hands

See also Sue’s initial leaflet A progressive voice on council distributed in early 2016. Here is the platform on which Sue stood in the October 2012 elections, which saw her first elected to council: Imagine a council that fights for you

[Authorised by Dave Holmes, Level 5, 407 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000.]