Successful socialist campaign in Wills

[By Sue Bolton] Thanks to everyone who helped out with the Socialist Alliance campaign in the seat of Wills. It was very successful: We increased our vote, had over 140 people help out with the campaign, joined new members and at one Fawkner polling booth we got 5% of the vote — equal to the Greens!

We had people help us from the Turkish, Kurdish, Latin American, Egyptian, Eritrean, Bahraini Tamil and PNG communities as well as a number of AMWU activists. The ALP hated seeing unionists wearing their colours handing out for someone other than the ALP.

Thank you to each and everyone who helped out. While the elections are over, we all need to stay involved. We knew, going into the federal election, that whichever major party won, indigenous people, refugees, workers, single parents, the environment and our public services will lose. Now we need to stay involved to gear up for a fight.

The Liberal and Labor parties can only get away with attacking us when we aren’t mobilised.

It was good news that the Greens’ Adam Bandt was re-elected, the Greens retained their senate seats and got an extra senator in Victoria, Janet Rice. The big loss in Greens seats in Tasmania is most likely attributeable to the fact that the Greens have supported the austerity budgets of the Tasmanian Labor government.

It was interesting that many of the Liberal booth workers didn’t even support the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party paid people to hand out for them, including asylum seekers on bridging visas. What hypocrites!

The Liberal Party is claiming to have a mandate for their policies. Given they didn’t outline most of their cuts, they have no mandate at all. Their cuts must be resisted.

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  1. Great result, but at an increase of 0.3% in vote it will take about 500 years for SA to win Wills so Margarita might not be able to reap the benefits of her diligent work, at least in this incarnation

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