Oppose Hungry Jacks in Coburg

[By Sue Bolton] Moreland City Council has received a planning permit application (Number MPS 2013/795) for the construction of a Hungry Jack’s convenience restaurant and drive through, to be built on the eastern side of the Shell Service Station at 336-346 Bell Street Pascoe Vale South, opposite McDonalds.

What is proposed?

  • The convenience restaurant and drive-through will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The restaurant will have 20 seats.
  • The open drive-through vehicle queue will start along the northern boundary next to the narrow bluestone lane (off Sussex Street) and turn right to follow the eastern boundary to Bell Street and will accommodate well over 8 cars at a time.
  • Seven new illuminated signs and a height restriction bar over 3 metres high at the start of the drive through.
  • There will be no increase in the current 10 car spaces for the convenience store and garage with the construction of the new 20 seat convenience restaurant on the site.

Lodge an objection now

Although the planning application public notification period is finished, it is still not too late to lodge an objection with Moreland Council. Objections can be submitted until a council decision is made at the Urban Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday May 28. However, it would be preferably to submit objections before May 22.

Objections to the proposal should say how you think the construction of a Hungry Jack’s restaurant and drive through will affect you. You should consider how the McDonald’s already impacts you and estimate the additional impact of a Hungry Jack’s. It may help you to read the following checklist and select what seems relevant to you:

  • More rubbish on the footpaths, nature strips, or on your property.
  • More smell or odour from fast food cooking.
  • More sleep disturbance, due to hearing the noise of cars and patrons on, entering or exiting the fast food sites and in our local neighbourhood.
  • More observations of or involvement in vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian accidents or near misses at the intersection.
  • More traffic delays at the intersection at peak times, which coincide with the drive through breakfast, dinner and lunch trade.
  • Vehicle parking overflow in Sussex and Soudan Streets.
  • Increased fear in walking past the sites at night and avoidance of the sites.
  • If a permit for 24 hour trading is granted to Hungry Jack’s in a residential area, then a precedent will be set and McDonalds may seek to increase their “restaurant” and drive through trading hours too.
  • A general loss of individual and /or neighbourhood amenity and value.

Please mail your objection to Mr A Vatzakis, Principal Urban Planner, Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland 3058 or deliver it to the Municipal Offices 50 Bell Street Coburg. Remember to include your name and address, the application number MPS 2013/795 and the site address: 336-346 Bell Street Pascoe Vale South.

3 thoughts on “Oppose Hungry Jacks in Coburg

  1. Hello Again,
    I was wondering …/?
    I am 63 years old, I have shopped at McDonald’s restaurants many times = my children, other peoples children.
    I have wondered many times “where do they get the money to stay open ?”
    I have worked in the hospitality industry – broad spectrum – over many years. I also ran a restaurant for a while. I know when a business has enough paying customers or not.
    So I ask this question “who is subsidizing the McDonald’s chain of restaurants.” because they do not have enough customers to generate enough profit so as to pay the overheads = electricity – gas – wages – supplies – etc.
    Let alone to make profit.
    In reality they are a property investment. It is the properties that they buy which increase in value that make them rich – YES I KNOW THAT.
    But they are also leveraged to the hilt.
    I would imagine that by rights at the 2008 G.F.C that the McDonald’s restaurants should have been hit very hard maybe even gone out of business.
    But they are still okay – how is that ?
    G.M. Holden went under
    Ford went under
    Go figure who their Santa Clause is …

  2. p.s.
    At 63 years of age it still astonishes me that CORPORATE are still half-witted. The have money, influence, corruption at their disposal.
    Alas they have no common sense & they do not do the leg work. CANVAS – you must walk around an area looking at what is going on – who is moving around an area & at what mass & talking to the persona in the street, the potential customer.
    Instead they go to the competition at lunch time & see a full shop – wow ! they think they are making the $$$$.
    IDIOT :-
    They are having a half price at lunch time spree.

  3. I just received a NOTE in my letter box today, inviting me to the Wednesday 30:04:2014 meeting at the Moreland Library. It is asking me to reject the Hungry Jacks restaurant on the corner of Sussex & Bell Street.
    I like some Hungry Jacks burgers, though I have not eaten one in the last 10 years – High Street Preston is too far to go. I am a sucker for hamburgers, but I like the real ones, I also make a mean hamburger myself, so why go out.
    I do remember there being a Hungry Jacks restaurant in Sydney Rd years ago. It failed as a business venture because it was hard to get in & out of & parking was a nightmare, it was in the wrong spot.
    There is nothing wrong with hamburgers & takeaway food. We have gone MAD with poo-pooing. Maybe it is because, though we would like a break from preparing meals a couple of times a week, we can’t handle the admission that we need the break from the chains that bind us to feeding our family. Let’s face it, as women, but also some men, we have serious hangups about someone else feeding OUR family, OUR LOVED ONES along the line of “us being perfect & not neglecting”
    Enough already !
    I don’t think that it is a good idea to for Hungry Jacks corporation – because that is what they are, to place a Hungry Jacks restaurant on the corner’ish of Sussex & Bell St.
    Has anyone anyone bothered to notice that the McDonald’s restaurant on the corner of Sussex & Bell Street is EMPTY MOST OF THE TIME = a failed business venture, just like the Hungry Jacks restaurant that was in Sydney Rd years ago.
    KFC is doing well …/?
    They are near a shopping center.
    If a Hungry Jacks restaurant was in the shopping complex at the corner I would eat there at least once a month. After doing my shop it would be just so easy to slip into their establishment.
    Let them open a Hungry Jacks restaurant where ever they want. Just like they closed the one in Sydney Rd they will close this one. No corporation can hemorrhage money for too long & not feel the bite.

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