O’Hea Street residents protest traffic issues

[By Sue Bolton] Around 50 residents from O’Hea Street and surrounding streets packed the Coburg council chambers on April 13 to express their frustration with the traffic issues in their streets (the volume of traffic, the speed of traffic, having to wait 15 minutes or more to cross the road because of the lack of pedestrian crossings, having to wait 15 minutes in your driveway to leave for work in the morning, the number of accidents).
Several residents reported that their kids would like to walk or ride their bikes to school, but the difficulty of crossing O’Hea Street to get to school means that they have to add to the traffic problem by driving in order to get across the road.

Last year, the council voted to adopt a report which said that there was no problem to be fixed on O’Hea Street. This meeting demonstrated that there are a lot of problems. Now we need action.

We also discovered that Vic Roads only collect crash data if someone is hurt in a crash. That means that near misses, or vehicles hitting poles where no-one is injured, are not considered crashes by Vic Roads and therefor the stats aren’t collected.

We also heard from residents on the western end of O’Hea Street. They are experiencing similar problems to the residents on the eastern end. I intend to follow this up with a motion in a council meeting. Keep me posted of any issues happening in the area (0417 583 664 or email <sbolton@moreland.vic.gov.au>).

Moreland has a spot on its website to report crashes and collect statistics on the accidents that don’t result in injuries. If you see any accidents in the local area, please report them on the council’s website so that council can see that there is a problem. If you go onto the council website, select Parking & Roads at the top, then click on Road Safety then click on Vehicle Accidents.