Moreland Community Against the East-West Tunnel update

[By Sue Bolton] There was a fantastic MCAT meeting last Thursday night (January 23). More than 20 community members and activists got together to discuss our plans for the new year. We want to build this campaign to involve all of Moreland and beyond!

Activities include:

  • Community information stalls to held on Saturdays, with stalls planned for February 1 and 8. Contact MCAT to get involved.
  • We are producing new information and campaign material to distribute in Moreland.
  • We will be at the Sydney Road Festival on Sunday, March 2. Come along and get involved.
  • We have laid the groundwork for a Moreland community rally against the tunnel: Sunday, March 30, 1pm (assembly point yet to be finalised).

Follow the campaign on this site, our associated Facebook page, and the MCAT Facebook page, or by ringing Sue on 0413 377 978.