Media lies about Moreland anti-racism rally

[By Sue Bolton] If you got your news from the mainstream media today, you wouldn’t know what happened in Coburg on Saturday.

The Moreland says NO to Racism Rally was planned months ago, because there is a need to build a mass movement against racism. So we decided to begin contacting local community groups and began building a local community rally against racism.

Then, a few weeks ago, the fascists decided that they were going to stop our rally. We resisted heavy pressure from the police and the council and a Greens representative to call off the anti-racism protest.

We organised a lot of marshalls, with most being from unions, to make sure that community members that we had invited to speak and participate were protected. We went ahead with our protest and didn’t engage with the fascists.

Our rally was a step forward. Many of the organisations which endorsed our rally, such as the unions, hadn’t endorsed previous rallies. That means that the 60 endorsing organisations can lay the basis for an informal anti-racism alliance.

If you watched the mainstream media, you wouldn’t know that we had a rally, because all the media was at Bridges Reserve where the fascists were.