Don’t leave Coburg high and dry

Coburg MallThis is a letter from a concerned Coburg resident published in the Moreland Leader on 9 November, 2015. The letter is about the loss of rights of Coburg residents regarding the plan for 10-story buildings in the centre of Coburg.


I’m writing in response to the new Moreland mayor’s stated list of priorities (“Change in council dynamics”, Moreland Leader, 2 November).
Mayor Samantha Ratnam intends to advocate that Planning Minister Richard Wynne approve the Brunswick Structure Plan, “so people have certainty and clarity”.

May I also suggest that she add Coburg to her list of priorities too? Coburg residents do not have any “certainty or clarity” about building heights in our suburb. In approving Amendment C123 Moreland Council gave away residents’ third party appeal rights in exchange for mandatory heights. However, Minister Wynne recently reinstated discretionary heights, leaving us with no certainty at all.

Residents of Coburg look to Mayor Ratnam to fight for us, too. Could she please advocate that the Planning Minister restore mandatory heights and third party appeal rights “rules” to our suburb? The very same rules that have already been approved for Brunswick by Moreland Council.

How about adding fairness to your list of priorities, Mayor Ratnam?