Council Votes For Treaty Negotiations with Wurundjeri

[By Sue Bolton] At the April 13 council meeting I won the support of the other councillors (except for one) to beginning Treaty negotiations with the traditional owners, the Wurundjeri. This vote is historic. As far as I know it is the first such decision by any level of government. Now we have to make sure that it keeps moving in the right direction. Thanks to the Ballerrt Mooroop working group and the Wurundjeri for making the motion last night possible. If it wasn’t for the campaign by all the deadly brothers and sisters, the motion wouldn’t have been supported by the other councillors.Pentridge issues

The council meeting began with 50 people protesting against plans to cut down a heritage tree in Champ Street then marching to the council chambers. That led to a jam-packed council chambers with people flowing into the foyer behind the meeting room. We got some more motions passed regarding Pentridge heritage issues. Finally, after much public angst and protest, the councillors are starting to grapple with the problems at Pentridge. Several people from the campaign Pentridge Community Action Group:  Heritage not High-rise spoke in public question time.


Various tennis clubs were present to present their issues about the council increasing their rent by 200%. I got up a motion for a survey of buildings in Moreland that use flammable cladding and another motion calling for the East West Link houses not to be sold but converted into public housing instead. I also moved a motion to review council’s policy of not sending out renewal notices for disability parking stickers. As a resident rightly said to me ‘They send out notices when they want to charge you money, but not for disability stickers.’