Council says: Shut Manus & Nauru

[By Sue Bolton] Congratulations to the Glenroy College principal for speaking out against the federal government’s cruel plans to transfer 267 asylum seekers back to Nauru. Glenroy College and many other schools around the country are teaching asylum seeker children. Many school communities have been disraught when asylum seeker students have been ripped out of their schools and put back in detention ready to be shipped off to Nauru.

At its 10 February meeting, Moreland Council passed my motion to endorse the next major refugee rally, the Walk for Justice for Refugees on Sunday, 20 March. Moreland councillors also passed a motion calling on the federal government not to send the 267 asylum seekers back to Nauru and to end offshore processing by closing the detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island and bringing all asylum seekers and refugees to Australia.

I thought it was inadequate just to call for the 267 asylum seekers to be resettled here, while the offshore detention system is destroying the lives of so many asylum seekers and refugees. The whole system needs to be shut down, and significant resources put into helping the asylum seekers and refugees who have been in Australia’s torture centres on Nauru and Manus Island to recover from the experience.