Community update

Since being elected to Moreland City Council Sue Bolton has had the chance to speak with many members of the community — with a particular focus on residents in the North-East ward who often seem to feel forgotten by the council and the rest of Moreland City.

Residents have brought to Sue’s attention many of the issues that affect local residents in the North East of Moreland City – the fact that residents in Fawkner have been putting up with a foul stench from the nearby tip in the City of Hume meaning that residents are unable to open their windows (often in the middle of summer). Other community members have highlighted the issues of frequent and accessible public transport options that are often limited for people in the northern suburbs of Moreland – with affordability being another factor as parts of Fawkner fall into zone 2 meaning that fares from these train stations are up to $20 a week more expensive. Others have identified issues related to services – aged care and disability services in particular. Of course, these are all issues that Sue Bolton is committed to addressing during her term as a Moreland City councillor.

Sue has also been meeting with community organisations – service providers, cultural groups and residents associations to ensure that she can identify the issues that matter most to residents of Moreland.

Do you have an issue that you would like to address? Why not let your councillor know? Unlike many other councillors Sue will be a strong advocate for members of the community that elected her – an activist councillor ready to fight for the residents of Moreland. You can leave a comment on this page or phone or email to let Sue know what matters to you and what you need the Moreland Council to be doing for you. Sue will also be attending community stalls each weekend in Coburg and Fawkner – giving all residents a chance to meet their councillor.