Council opposes PNG asylum-seeker deal

At the August 14 Moreland Council meeting, Socialist Alliance councillor Sue Bolton moved a motion for the council to oppose the PNG asylum-seeker dumping deal and welcome refugees and asylum-seekers to Australia. The motion also called for asylum-seekers on bridging visas to have the right to work. The motion passed with only two votes against (both ALP; one Labor and one Liberal councillor were absent). The motion reads as follows: Continue reading

Coburg rallies for welfare rights

Welfare_Coburg[By Chris Peterson] A protest to defend welfare rights and public housing was held in Coburg’s Victoria St mall on August 3. The rally called for a rise in all welfare payments to a liveable income, the restoration of the sole parents pension, an end to welfare quarantining and public housing for all who need it. Continue reading

Protest shames banksters

Banksters[By Chris Peterson] Australia’s four biggest banks — the Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, NAB and Westpac — dubbed the “banksters”, were condemned for crimes against people and the environment during a protest in Coburg’s Victoria St mall on June 29. Protesters marched to each bank, cordoned of the entrance to create a symbolic crime scene and read out a charge sheet. Continue reading