Forum discusses Abbott attacks: Don’t agonise, organise

[By Tony Dewberry] Sue Bolton hosted and chaired a Socialist Alliance public forum at the Anatolian Centre in Coburg on November 21. The subject of the forum — ‘The Abbott government: don’t agonise, organise’ — was addressed by three speakers: Margarita Windisch, the Socialist Alliance candidate for Wills in the recent federal election; Chris Spindler, a Socialist Alliance member and union organiser; and Kate Borland, a public housing activist and independent candidate for Melbourne in the federal election. Continue reading

Calling all Moreland residents to support the campaign against the East-West Link

[By Sue Bolton] A permanent picket line caravan has been set up on top of one of the test drilling sites for the East West Tunnel, on the corner of Westgarth & Brunswick Streets, Fitzroy. There are mobile pickets early in the morning; you can find out the details at the caravan and/or join the sms tree (for details see YCAT). Continue reading

Fund public transport, not the East-West Tunnel!

Upfield[By Dave Holmes] The Victorian government is planning to spend an estimated $8 billion on the proposed East-West Tunnel tollway linking the Eastern and Tullamarine freeways. If it proceeds, Melbourne will be irreparably scarred. At both ends homes will be demolished for exit ramps and large areas will be subject to serious loss of amenity (noise, pollution, restriction of movement, etc.). Royal Park will suffer significant diminution and damage. Continue reading

Socialist Alliance election campaign launched

ML advert

[By Susan Price] Socialist Alliance is standing longtime left activist Margarita Windisch in the federal seat of Wills. Our overall campaign theme is ‘People before profit; Take back the wealth’ — nationalise the banks and the mining and energy sectors to tackle our desperately urgent environmental and social problems. Continue reading