Reportback on June 14 council meeting

[By Sue Bolton] Some of the issues discussed at the June 14 Moreland council meeting were:

Providing parks/open space close to home
Moreland residents living in the areas which are experiencing the biggest burden of development have been pushing for the Moreland council to be more proactive about purchasing land for parks and open space. The council currently collects funds from developers for open space The June council meeting discussed a report called “A Park Close to Home: A Framework to Fill Open Space Gaps” The report identified open space gaps and proposed a method for identifying which areas council needs to prioritise purchasing open space. The report The report was deferred to the next meeting. Continue reading

Moreland Socialists discuss urban heat island effect

Moreland Socialists meeting to discuss the urban heat island effect & the importance of street trees

Guest speaker: Antonija Peric

Saturday, June 3, 2pm
Peppertree Place, 512 Sydney Road, Coburg (enter from side gate in Urquhart St)
Other discussion items include: Toxic site campaign in Fawkner & Reportback on  other council issues


Report on March 8 Council Meeting

[By Sue Bolton] Issues that were discussed at the March 8 council meeting included:

Access to the main pitch at CB Smith Reserve – The soccer ground at CB Smith Reserve is the best in Moreland but access to it is very restricted because it is used by National Premier League teams. It is meant to be Fawkner Soccer Club’s home ground but it doesn’t feel like it. FSC had more access to pitches before the new soccer ground was made, when it was a smaller club. Now its membership has almost doubled to 400 members and it has less access to pitches. The last straw was when FSC was told by council that their senior women’s team would be denied access to the main pitch. I got a  motion passed for Fawkner Soccer Clubs senior women’s and men’s teams to both have access to the main pitch and to review the management plan for the ground in order to give more pitch access to a community soccer club. I believe that council should prioritise grassroots community clubs over professional clubs. Continue reading

Sue Bolton for Moreland Council, NE Ward: Community need not developer greed!

Sue Bolton AugustSince her election in 2012, North East Ward councillor Sue Bolton has been tireless in helping residents fight for their rights. Sue meets monthly with residents to hear their concerns. Her presence on council has been invaluable — for the Indigenous community, for residents resisting greed-driven over-development, for people wanting a council that takes a firm stand against racism and Islamophobia, and which takes climate change seriously. From the big things to the little things, Sue has always been there for Moreland residents. If you value Sue’s presence on the council, please get behind her re-election campaign. The council election will be held on October 22, 2016. Continue reading

GST can never be fair

No GSTAll the talk about the “need” to increase the GST with “appropriate” compensation has me worried. When the Howard government introduced the GST in 1998, the way was eased for him by Australian Council of Social Services coming out in support of a GST. ACOSS position emboldened the Democrats to vote for the GST. Continue reading