Money for public transport, not East West Link

sue_bolton_7[Socialist Alliance Moreland Councillor Sue Bolton delivered the following speech at the Trains Not Tolls rally in Melbourne on June 28.] It’s great seeing people here from all over Melbourne, because this issue affects not just people from the inner city where the East West Link is designed to go, but it affects people from all over Melbourne and all over Victoria. Continue reading

People power can stop the tunnel and win better public transport

[Statement by Socialist Alliance, March 28] A campaign of rallies and pickets has helped turn the tide of public opinion against the East West Tunnel, convincing many people that the proposal is an environmentally, socially and economically disastrous non-solution to the problem of congestion on the Eastern freeway. We need to extend this campaign into a big city-wide movement and exert maximum pressure on the government, and Labor and the Greens, to reject the tunnel and make real investments to renew and extend public transport. Continue reading

Moreland Community against the (East West) Tunnel (MCAT) gets under way

[By Sue Bolton] We had a successful first meeting with 45 people on November 28 to launch the group.  This follows on from the 160-strong public meeting organised by the Moreland Council in West Brunswick. The group has been set up independently of the council but will be involved in and support the council’s campaign. (See articles below.) Continue reading