Report on December 6, 2017 council meeting

Future of open space on Merri Creek @ Fawkner
A parcel of land at 104B McBryde St Fawkner and on the Merri Creek has been declared surplus by VicRoads and is being prepared for sale. After a high level of agitation from local Fawkner residents, Friends of Merri Creek and the Merri Creek Management Committee, the council is now re-examining options for retaining the site as open space for the local community and for the health of the creek. Continue reading

Moreland draft local law: Remove clauses targeting homeless & democratic rights

[The following is the text of a leaflet being distributed in Moreland by Socialist Alliance. A protest will take place before the council meeting on Wednesday, July 12 at 6pm, Coburg Town Hall, Bell St, Coburg.]

At its July 12 meeting, Moreland Council will vote on adopting for public discussion a new General Local Law to replace two existing local laws. The draft law will be definitively voted on in August or September. Some of the clauses in the draft law simply repeat what is in the existing laws while others are new. Continue reading

What a difference a community campaign makes

[By Sue Bolton] Residents were shocked the day before the May council meeting to see workers arrive unexpectedly to dig up a small and much-loved local park, Methven Park in Brunswick East. It turned out that the workers were there to start building a public toilet on the only part of the park that gets the afternoon sun and in the middle of one of the two small strips of grass. Continue reading

Fawkner residents campaign against toxic site

[By Sue Bolton] Fawkner residents have formed Toxic Free Fawkner, to oppose development on the old Nufarm factory site at 102 McBryde St Fawkner and call for an independent environmental audit of the site and the surrounding sites. The group’s first public meeting showed the community concern with 95 people packing out the Fawkner Senior Citizens Centre on May 11 to hear speakers about the toxic Nufarm chemicals site at 100 and 102 McBryde St Fawkner and the development application for 102 McBryde St. Continue reading