Campaign for council re-election launched

Moreland Councillor Sue Bolton’s campaign for re-election to North-East Ward in October 2016 was officially launched at the Anatolian Cultural Centre on 21 November. Sue addressed the gathering of North-East residents and campaign workers, noting that the need to fight for residents’ rights and develop support for progressive policies has never been stronger.

Sue drew upon her record as a hard-working councillor giving priority to the needs of residents and the community and not greed-driven developer projects. She also emphasised that there was a need to continue in the quest to have Moreland support progressive policies.

Speakers at the launch called upon everyone who values Sue’s progressive activism on council and her tireless advocacy on behalf of North-East residents to register their interest in helping in the re-election campaign.  Contact in this regard can be made directly to Sue on 0413 377 978 or email