Calling all Moreland residents to support the campaign against the East-West Link

[By Sue Bolton] A permanent picket line caravan has been set up on top of one of the test drilling sites for the East West Tunnel, on the corner of Westgarth & Brunswick Streets, Fitzroy. There are mobile pickets early in the morning; you can find out the details at the caravan and/or join the sms tree (for details see YCAT).

Moreland residents will be affected directly and indirectly. Some residents and a sporting club in south west Brunswick, near the Moonee Ponds Creek, will be directly effected. Other residents will be indirectly effected through traffic congestion.

And then residents in the north of Moreland will also be affected by the fact that the $8 billion to be spent on the tunnel means that other projects won’t get funded. This money could go towards: extending the Upfield train line to Craigieburn with a dual track, an extra station at Camp Road, increased frequency of trains on the Upfield Line, more frequent buses, buses running in the evenings and all weekend, and grade separation at the Glenroy crossing and the Bell St, Coburg crossing so that there aren’t massive traffic jams at the level crossings; and a myriad of similar projects throughout Victoria.

We don’t need this tunnel.

  • Come to the picket line, join the rally on Sunday, October 13 (for details see YCAT).
  • Come to the Moreland Council public meeting (details TBA).