Ballerrt Mooroop Victory

[By Sue Bolton] June 1 marked a small but important victory for the campaign to save the Ballerrt Mooroop site for a First Nations Community Hub. The education department organised a quick media event for the minister for indigenous affairs. Despite not enough time to contact everyone, quite a few people from the Ballerrt Mooroop campaign attended. Aunty Margaret from the Wurundjeri and Dotty Bamblett both spoke powerfully.

I feel proud to have been involved in this campaign. My first involvement was at a protest outside then Premier John Brumby’s Glenroy office in 2010, then later I supported the occupation of the school gym and the picket line to try to stop the Baillieu government closing the school. The community has remained strong and as a result of that, the state government signed a 30-month lease with the Moreland Council and the Moreland council has signed a 30 month lease with the Wurundjeri. We haven’t fully won the campaign, We are still organising for a First Nations community hub on the site. Now we need to finish the job and make sure that the site never gets sold off.

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