Save Pentridge heritage

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[By Martin Smith]  Over 100 protesters gathered outside the former Pentridge Prison on 16 January to say NO to the planned 19-storey residential Pentridge tower.  

A plan to build a 19-storey apartment complex within the walls of the former Pentridge Prison was lodged over the Christmas vacation period.  The proposed residential tower will totally dominate and overshadow the guards’ watchtower.  It will also be the tallest building in Moreland. This would set a precedent for the height of buildings in central Coburg. Continue reading

Threat to council-run aged care services

196-001[By Sue Bolton] One of the services which local councils in Victoria provide is Home and Community Care (HACC). Currently, it is funded jointly by federal and state governments with a top-up from local councils. This service is for people who are elderly or who have a disability or are recovering from an operation and it can include: personal care, cleaning, shopping, home maintenance and community transport. Continue reading

Protest meeting: Save Pentridge heritage

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[By Martin Smith]  Rally at 11 am on this Saturday to help prevent even more of the social heritage of Pentridge Prison being destroyed. A plan to build a 19-storey apartment complex within the walls of the former Pentridge Prison has has been lodged over the Christmas vacation period. Continue reading

Report on December council meeting

Coburg[By Sue Bolton] The 9 December 2015 council meeting was lively with quite a few petitions and questions from residents. Residents presented petitions calling on council to build more public toilets in Coburg and a public toilet outside the Fawkner Library, calling for a heritage house in The Avenue Coburg to be preserved, calling for the Merlynston Linear Park to be funded and calling for council to make Moreland plastic-bag-free Moreland. Continue reading

Sue’s message to residents, appeal for support

[By Dave Holmes] Supporters of Sue Bolton will be distributing a leaflet to North-East Ward residents in December-January. The leaflet contains a message from Sue outlining some of the major issues facing residents and sets out her record on council since she was elected in October 2012. It also appeals for support in her campaign for re-election in October 2016. You can read or download the leaflet here: A progressive voice on council.

O’Hea St traffic

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn 22 November, residents formed the O’Hea St & Surrounds Action Group to campaign around traffic issues on O’Hea St and surrounding streets in Coburg North. Around 24 local residents attended the meeting as well as people sending in apologies.

Issues discussed include the volume and speed of traffic, as well as the lack of pedestrian crossings, the number of trucks using local streets and cyclist safety on the O’Hea St bike path. Residents will attend the 9 December council meeting to ask questions.

Report on November council meeting

[By Sue Bolton] Councillors voted to disband a taskforce set up this year to make it easier for residents in McBryde St Fawkner to have their concerns about the operation of the factories across the road. Prior to the establishment of the taskforce, the residents had to complain to several different council departments about the multiple issues as a result of large factories operating in a residential area. Continue reading

Campaign for council re-election launched

Moreland Councillor Sue Bolton’s campaign for re-election to North-East Ward in October 2016 was officially launched at the Anatolian Cultural Centre on 21 November. Sue addressed the gathering of North-East residents and campaign workers, noting that the need to fight for residents’ rights and develop support for progressive policies has never been stronger. Continue reading

GST can never be fair

No GSTAll the talk about the “need” to increase the GST with “appropriate” compensation has me worried. When the Howard government introduced the GST in 1998, the way was eased for him by Australian Council of Social Services coming out in support of a GST. ACOSS position emboldened the Democrats to vote for the GST. Continue reading

Don’t leave Coburg high and dry

Coburg MallThis is a letter from a concerned Coburg resident published in the Moreland Leader on 9 November, 2015. The letter is about the loss of rights of Coburg residents regarding the plan for 10-story buildings in the centre of Coburg.


I’m writing in response to the new Moreland mayor’s stated list of priorities (“Change in council dynamics”, Moreland Leader, 2 November). Continue reading