Report on December 6, 2017 council meeting

Future of open space on Merri Creek @ Fawkner
A parcel of land at 104B McBryde St Fawkner and on the Merri Creek has been declared surplus by VicRoads and is being prepared for sale. After a high level of agitation from local Fawkner residents, Friends of Merri Creek and the Merri Creek Management Committee, the council is now re-examining options for retaining the site as open space for the local community and for the health of the creek. Continue reading

Moreland draft local law: Remove clauses targeting homeless & democratic rights

[The following is the text of a leaflet being distributed in Moreland by Socialist Alliance. A protest will take place before the council meeting on Wednesday, July 12 at 6pm, Coburg Town Hall, Bell St, Coburg.]

At its July 12 meeting, Moreland Council will vote on adopting for public discussion a new General Local Law to replace two existing local laws. The draft law will be definitively voted on in August or September. Some of the clauses in the draft law simply repeat what is in the existing laws while others are new. Continue reading

Reportback on June 14 council meeting

[By Sue Bolton] Some of the issues discussed at the June 14 Moreland council meeting were:

Providing parks/open space close to home
Moreland residents living in the areas which are experiencing the biggest burden of development have been pushing for the Moreland council to be more proactive about purchasing land for parks and open space. The council currently collects funds from developers for open space The June council meeting discussed a report called “A Park Close to Home: A Framework to Fill Open Space Gaps” The report identified open space gaps and proposed a method for identifying which areas council needs to prioritise purchasing open space. The report The report was deferred to the next meeting. Continue reading

West Brunswick estate to be sold to private developers

[By Sue Bolton] One of the public housing estates the state government wants to develop is in Brunswick West. The plan is to sell the land to private developers to be developed into a mix of private and social housing. However it isn’t guaranteed that the ‘social’ housing will be public housing. It may be turned into community housing run by not-for profit housing associations which charge higher rent. Continue reading

Ballerrt Mooroop Victory

[By Sue Bolton] June 1 marked a small but important victory for the campaign to save the Ballerrt Mooroop site for a First Nations Community Hub. The education department organised a quick media event for the minister for indigenous affairs. Despite not enough time to contact everyone, quite a few people from the Ballerrt Mooroop campaign attended. Aunty Margaret from the Wurundjeri and Dotty Bamblett both spoke powerfully. Continue reading

Fawkner toxic site is ‘a weeping sore’

[By Sue Bolton] On May 11 local residents packed the Fawkner Senior Citizens Centre to hear speakers and oppose development on a toxic site in Fawkner in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The next day the owner listed the site for sale with a real estate agent without any mention of the contamination. In Victoria, there is no legal requirement for the sellers of contaminated land to indicate that a site is contaminated. Continue reading