We’re crowdfunding! Sue’s re-election campaign needs your support


Community need not developer greed! Keep a progressive voice on Moreland Council

[By Dave Holmes] Sue Bolton will be standing for re-election to Moreland Council (North East Ward) in October 2016. An initial leaflet launching her campaign has been letterboxed to residents in North East Ward. We especially need funds for leaflets, posters, how-to-vote cards, yard signs and advertisements. People who appreciate Sue’s presence on council and her tireless activism can donate here. Donations to Sue’s campaign (up to $1500 p.a.) are tax deductible.

Report on June 8 Council meeting & council budget

Issues which came up at the June council meeting were:

Construction sites in Moreland. After many complaints by residents about neighbouring building sites blocking access to houses, blocking the footpath, damaging neighbouring properties and creating excessive noise, the council has agreed to carry out an independent review of the management of construction sites and will upgrade its website to provide more information to residents about how to report issues to council. Continue reading

Why I voted against the council budget

[By Sue Bolton] Last night I voted against the Moreland budget. Previously, I have consistently voted against budgets with rate rises greater than CPI. This is because rates are a very inequitable means of funding councils. Rates are a reressive so that you can have the old aged pensioner paying living beside a millionaire and paying the same rates. Rates aren’t progressive like income tax is. I believe that rates should be on a scale according to your income. Continue reading

The anti-racist rally in Coburg the media ignored

[By Sue Bolton] The “Say NO to Racism in Moreland” rally on May 28 was originally conceived early this year and organising for it started back in February. We wanted to offer residents and communities an opportunity to take a public stand on the racist policies of the major parties: their Islamophobia, xenophobia and fear mongering. We also wanted to stand in solidarity with First Nations peoples, who are on the receiving end of institutionalised racism. Continue reading

Moreland says NO to Racism rally succeeds in peaceful rally against racism

[By Sue Bolton & Maureen Murphy] Today in Coburg, around 400-500 people rallied peacefully in opposition to the federal government policies that promote racism towards Aborigines, refugees and Muslims. This was despite the rain. Rally participants included the young and the old, people with children, church groups, interfaith groups, refugees, Muslims and First Nations people. Continue reading

Report on May council meeting

[By Sue Bolton] In question time, Merlynston residents expressed their strong disappointment that the council had rejected funding the restoration of the Merlynston Progress Hall in the draft council budget. One resident said that when the campaign began, she was wanting access to the hall for a playgroup. Now, her children are in high school and the community still does not have access to the hall. Continue reading

Report on April 2016 council meeting

[by Sue Bolton] The April council meeting began with about fifty people protesting against plans by the council to cut down a heritage tree in Champ St at the request of the developer. Protestors then marched to the Moreland Civic Centre. They packed into the council chambers to ask questions about whether the council would put a stop to these plans.  Continue reading

May 28 rally: Moreland says NO to racism

Coburg anti-racism rally A4 FINAL FINALSaturday 28 May, 11am
Gather outside Coburg Library, Victoria St Mall.
Then march to Bridges Reserve, Bell St, Coburg for community speakout and entertainment. Bring your lunch and join with other Moreland residents in saying our community supports a diverse and inclusive Moreland.

Council votes for Treaty negotiations with Wurundjeri

[By Sue Bolton] At the April 13 council meeting I won the support of the other councillors (except for one) to beginning Treaty negotiations with the traditional owners, the Wurundjeri. This vote is historic. As far as I know it is the first such decision by any level of government. Now we have to make sure that it keeps moving in the right direction. Thanks to the Ballerrt Mooroop working group and the Wurundjeri for making the motion last night possible. If it wasn’t for the campaign by all the deadly brothers and sisters, the motion wouldn’t have been supported by the other councillors. Continue reading