Report on May council meeting

[By Sue Bolton] In question time, Merlynston residents expressed their strong disappointment that the council had rejected funding the restoration of the Merlynston Progress Hall in the draft council budget. One resident said that when the campaign began, she was wanting access to the hall for a playgroup. Now, her children are in high school and the community still does not have access to the hall. Continue reading

Council votes for Treaty negotiations with Wurundjeri

[By Sue Bolton] At the April 13 council meeting I won the support of the other councillors (except for one) to beginning Treaty negotiations with the traditional owners, the Wurundjeri. This vote is historic. As far as I know it is the first such decision by any level of government. Now we have to make sure that it keeps moving in the right direction. Thanks to the Ballerrt Mooroop working group and the Wurundjeri for making the motion last night possible. If it wasn’t for the campaign by all the deadly brothers and sisters, the motion wouldn’t have been supported by the other councillors. Continue reading

O’Hea Street residents protest traffic issues

[By Sue Bolton] Around 50 residents from O’Hea Street and surrounding streets packed the Coburg council chambers on April 13 to express their frustration with the traffic issues in their streets (the volume of traffic, the speed of traffic, having to wait 15 minutes or more to cross the road because of the lack of pedestrian crossings, having to wait 15 minutes in your driveway to leave for work in the morning, the number of accidents). Continue reading

Report on March council meeting

[By Sue Bolton] The issue of destruction of heritage and high-rise towers on the Pentridge site has become a hot issue locally as residents have discovered the scale of what is being planned by the developers, with little opposition from council.

A particular focus for opposition has been the plan for a 19-storey tower at 21 Pentridge Boulevarde and plans to build several holes through the prison wall for big roads, including plans from council to chop down a heritage Spotted Gum tree to facilitiate one of these roads for the developer. Continue reading

We’re crowdfunding! Sue’s re-election campaign needs your support

Community need not developer greed! Keep a progressive voice on Moreland Council

[By Dave Holmes] Sue Bolton will be standing for re-election to Moreland Council (North East Ward) in October 2016. An initial leaflet launching her campaign has been letterboxed to residents in North East Ward. We especially need funds for leaflets, posters, how-to-vote cards, yard signs and advertisements. People who appreciate Sue’s presence on council and her tireless activism can donate here. Donations to Sue’s campaign (up to $1500 p.a.) are tax deductible.

Pentridge heritage destruction an international disgrace

[By Martin Smith] Over 100 people attended a public meeting held in Coburg calling on Victoria’s Planning Minister to refuse permits for proposed 19-storey and 8-storey apartment tower developments within the Pentridge heritage precinct. Continue reading

Report on February 15 council meeting

Pentridge heritage & high rise in Pentridge

[By Sue Bolton] A lot of residents attended the council meeting to call on it to take a stronger stance on helping preserve heritage on the site and helping the community campaign to stop plans for a 19-storey tower for the site. If the minister approves the tower on the corner of Pentridge Boulevarde and Stockade Avenue, it will set a precedent for the rest of Moreland, especially as the minister stripped away mandatory height limits from the central Coburg area. Continue reading