Moreland Council reinstates climate projects   

[By Sean BrocklehurstMoreland residents were outraged when they heard Moreland City Council had voted to cut $100,000 from its Carbon Management Plan in the council’s budget last month. This cut the budget for climate action from $525,000 to $424,000 and would have resulted in some of the council’s solar energy projects not going ahead. Continue reading

Money for public transport, not East West Link

sue_bolton_7[Socialist Alliance Moreland Councillor Sue Bolton delivered the following speech at the Trains Not Tolls rally in Melbourne on June 28.] It’s great seeing people here from all over Melbourne, because this issue affects not just people from the inner city where the East West Link is designed to go, but it affects people from all over Melbourne and all over Victoria. Continue reading

Reportback from June council meeting

Divestment from fossil fuels

On June 11, the Moreland council became the first council in Australia to threaten divest from a bank if it continues to invest in fossil fuel projects. Moreland council has traditionally banked with the Commonwealth Bank. Since 2008, the Big Four banks (Commonwealth, ANZ, Westpac and NAB) have invested $18.8 billion in fossil fuel projects in Australia. The Commonwealth Bank provides more than $1 billion to projects that will ship coal and gas through the Great Barrier Reef. Continue reading

A win for Coles at April Council meeting

[By Sue Bolton] The supermarket juggernaut Coles had a win at the Moreland council meeting on April 9. The meeting voted 5 to 3 to rezone the old Bunnings site on the corner of Sussex and Gaffney Streets from an Industrial 3 Zone (IN3Z) to a Commercial 2 Zone (C2Z) to allow Coles to build a super-Coles store. The councillors who voted against were myself and Lenka Thompson & Samantha Ratnam (both Greens). Continue reading