Campaign for Council re-election launched

Moreland Councillor Sue Bolton’s campaign for re-election to North-East Ward in October 2016 was officially launched at the Anatolian Cultural Centre on November 21. Sue addressed a large gathering of North-East residents and campaign workers, noting that the need to fight for residents’ rights and develop support for progressive policies has never been stronger.

GST can never be fair

No GSTAll the talk about the “need” to increase the GST with “appropriate” compensation has me worried. When the Howard government introduced the GST in 1998, the way was eased for him by Australian Council of Social Services coming out in support of a GST. ACOSS position emboldened the Democrats to vote for the GST. Continue reading

Don’t leave Coburg high and dry

Coburg MallThis is a letter from a concerned Coburg resident published in the Moreland Leader on November 9, 2015. The letter is about the loss of rights of Coburg residents regarding the plan for 10-story buildings in the centre of Coburg.


I’m writing in response to the new Moreland mayor’s stated list of priorities (“Change in council dynamics”, Moreland Leader, November 2). Continue reading

Greens vote mars its election to mayor on Moreland Council

[By Sue Bolton] Moreland councilors voted on October 26 to elect Sam Ratnam as the first Green mayor. Left Labor councilor Lita Gillies was voted in as her deputy. I voted for the Green mayor to break the stranglehold of the two big-business parties, Liberal and Labor. The Labor Party has controlled the Moreland council for many years. Continue reading

Report on July 8 council meeting

The council adopted a planning scheme amendment (C134) for Brunswick which will protect the residents of Brunswick with planning controls. The proposal put to councillors was amended to include mandatory height limits and residents’ right to notice and appeal. This was a very important decision which I supported. However, the decision will stick in the throats of many Coburg residents because the Labor Right councillors who voted to include residents’ right to notice and appeal in Brunswick, voted (in November 2014) to strip these same rights away from Coburg residents who live adjacent to or in the Coburg Activity Centre. Continue reading

Green Left Weekly Comedy Debate features at the July council meeting

[By Dave Holmes] One agenda item at the July 8 Moreland Council meeting concerned Green Left Weekly’s Annual Comedy Debate on July 24 at the Brunswick Town Hall. The organisers were seeking two things: a waiver of the hiring fee and a waiving of the requirement for several security guards. Councillor Lita Gillies moved the motion encompassing these requests which was later split into two two separate motions. Continue reading

Green Left Weekly Comedy Debate: Abbott is the root of all evil

CD graphicFriday, July 24, 6:30 pm (for 8pm start). Master of ceremonies: ROD QUANTOCK. With the comic talents of: Simon Keck, Kirsty Mac, Ali MC, Minister of UnAustralian Affairs, Morven Smith, Evan Thompson. Bar & meal available from 6:30pm. Brunswick Town Hall, cnr Sydney Rd & Dawson St, Brunswick. Tickets: $50 solidarity, $30 regular, $22 low-waged, $12 unwaged (doesn’t include meal). Bookings essential. Book online at or phone 9639 8622. A fundraiser for the progressive, non-profit newspaper Green Left Weekly.

Report on June council meeting

[By Sue Bolton] Council voted unanimously on a draft resolution to divest from fossil fuel. Public submissions can be received until July 13 and public submissions will be heard at the August council meeting. If the policy gets voted up in August, Moreland will be the first council in Australia to vote for fossil fuel divestment. I have been working on this project with, Climate Action Moreland and the Greens councillors. This is another example of where community action has been key. There is no way the other councillors would have supported this if there hadn’t been such a strong community campaign from Climate Action Moreland and Continue reading